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JBL GO Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker W/ A Built-In Strap-Hook (black)?

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1st Feb 2019

This is something I always struggled with and over the years I’ve developed different coping mechanisms.
If at all possible my solution is to let a mix rest for several days, working on something else till then. But sometimes it isn’t, so:
1. Mix at really low levels for a while.
2. Take breaks. In silence if possible. If not, listen to other music.
3. Get a 20$ speaker like this and mix with it
4. If you’re mixing several different tracks, instead of going at them sequentially try to spend 20 minutes on A, then 20 minutes on B, then C, then back to A, B, etc.
5. Flip the stereo.
6. Walk around while the track is playing. Even go out of the room and listen from afar.
7. Minimize the screen and let it play entirely. Don’t touch it, but take notes or what’s popping out and sounding odd. If nothing is, then I t’s probably done.
8. If all else fails, you’re on the clock and have to deliver soon, pull up 2 or 3 reference mixes. Other tracks that are not only musically but also sonically close to what you’re going for. Level Match them to your mix, try to align their structure in time (e.g chorus hits at the same time, etc), and then quickly flip between your mix and each reference. Really quickly, like one second per track, and take notes of what your mix needs. This usually allows me to “disconnect” from my mix and only focus on global EQ, depth and dynamics.
9. Your ears are like a multiband compressor. If you’re mixing at loud volumes, they are compressing for you. It’s not linear over the frequency spectrum, and if pushed hard can give you permanent hearing damage. So take breaks often.

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16th Oct 2016

LOL. It’s smaller than a waffle iron, though. Fits in the palm of your hand. Quite loud for its size. Also, here’s a non-waffle iron looking alternative from JBL: http://www.amazon.in/JBL-Portable-Wireless-Bluetooth-Speaker/dp/B00TFGWAA8/