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JBL Everest 700 Wireless Bluetooth Around-Ear Headphones (Black)?

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12th Jun 2017

I use these JBL headphones that have active noise canceling which works extremely well. you can adjust how much of the ambient sounds come through or cut it off entirely. plus they sound fantastic – I stream music from my phone which is great… except when I’m (badly) singing along and my wife decides to walk into the shop.

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17th Mar 2018

I am not an audiophile by any means, so I can’t claim to know how they compare in sound quality, but the JBL Everest 700 headphones are phenomenal in terms of noise cancellation (Amazon Link).

I purchased a set before a cross-country move where my gf and I took turns driving my Nissan Titan with a 22ft. trailer attached. The JBLs eliminated road noise and engine noise entirely, which I found particularly impressive when we were going up mountains with a 10,000lb load.

They did Not entirely block the truck radio but did reduce it enough that I personally found it easy to ignore while listening to my own music through the headphones. (Since my gf and I were taking turns driving, the driver got full control of music selection/volume and A/C controls, while the passenger got the headphones and a blanket :P. We were also both able to sleep pretty comfortably wearing the JBLs with either low music or no music and only the ANC.)

Point of note: The battery life is actually about what they claim, I don’t think I ever actually Timed it, but even 2 years old the JBLs still get 3 or 4 days of battery life with several hours listening per day. When we drove across the country I believe, if I remember correctly, that we only had to charge them twice on a 3-day drive with nearly constant use.

tl;dr – I have found ANC to be WELL worth the price in my limited experience.