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JBL E50BT Black Premium Wireless Over-Ear Bluetooth Stereo Headphone, Black?

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3rd Jun 2016

Dangit sorry. The ad lists a refurbished pair for $139.99, but of course it’s available only on Amazon US. And sorry, I’m not really an expert on Bluetooth headphones designed for working out. BT earphones are more my thing.

Maybe the JBL E50BT.

Don’t know much about them aside from the fact they come with leatherette earpads which might get hot and sweaty when you’re working out. You can get replace the stock earpads with memory foam ones but those are a little expensive.

They’re also really light (0.08 lbs. according to the ad’s listed specs).

Here are some video reviews.

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8th Sep 2016

I always use my Sennheiser HD-25 but have https://www.amazon.com/JBL-Wireless-Over-Ear-Bluetooth-Headphone/dp/B00LGZQO4Y aswell, and i have to say the bluetooth never failed me, the battery life is great aswell, but i dont know, still prefer my hd-25.