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JBL Arena B15 Black Bookshelf & Surround Speaker with Special Edition Grilles & Logo Set of 2 Black?

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14th Nov 2017

These JBL B15 speakers are on sale on Amazon right now. I’m thinking about purchasing it so I can hook it up with my Rega Planar 2, but I have a couple questions:

Would I still have to buy an amp, or since the Planar 2 must be plugged into an outlet, it will supply the power to the speaker by the red-black speaker cable already installed on it? So all I’ll have to do is plug the Planar 2 into the wall, and also plug it into the speaker.

And are they decent speakers for an intro, first-time set-up?

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14th Dec 2018

JBL Arena B15 $110 are the same speaker.

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16th Dec 2018

The JBL Arena B15 are not slim enough?

Wait till she sees the cost! Thinner are usually on-wall speakers and usually more expensive.

Boston Acoustics Bravo 20, though they are $300 a pair. As well as the HTD Versa-SB1 which may not be as thin.

Golden Ear Supersats are $500 a pair as are Definitive Technology XTR-20BP Ultra Thin and Axiom Audio M2.

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24th Oct 2018

Best bet may be the Dayton Airs with the 6.5″ mid-bass. The 4″ Miccas may be best for desktop or small rooms.

JBL Arena B15 $110 are slim for wall mounting and don’t protrude from the wall much. I demoed them and they were decent. I am curious to try the Dayton Airs.

I put my bookshelf speakers in a locked AV cabinet with perforated metal grills that I found cheap on Criagslist. I open the doors if the kids are not around. https://www.salamanderdesigns.com/av-cabinets/synergy-model-237/ The speakers will come back out on stands soon.

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1st Oct 2018

Miccas are rather small for a large room. 3x dual mid-bass driver Micca MB42X-C would be a bit better.

You could wall mount speakers to the left or right of the windows.

Wall mounted speakers:

HTD Versa

Golden Ear

3x CANTON GLE 417 black or white.

3x Boston Bravo 20 in black or white.

JBL Arena B15

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30th Aug 2018

HTD Level 2 are front ported as well as the on sale Elac Debut 2.0 line.

Do you mean “in-wall” Micca M-8S, M-CS?

For “On-wall” take a look at the JBL Arena B15 slim wall mountable speakers on sale for $75 a pair. You could get 2 pairs and use 1 as a center.

Other “On-wall” speakers will be a bit more. 3x Canton LCRs with 5″ mid-bass drivers are $200 each and are a good size for fronts. 3x HTD Versa SB1 are $130 each with 4″ mid-bass drivers.

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28th Apr 2018


JBL Arena B15 speakers are designed to be wall mounted.

I own 2 pair.

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13th Jun 2019

Overkill??? whats that???

I just replaced my JBL es20s and logi z5500 sub for a JBL Arena B15 and JBL Arena S10 Black 10" 100W Powered Subwoofer with a SMSL AD18 HiFi Audio Stereo Amplifier .

Not a bad upgrade, but i’m looking to see if i can find a better amp, but you honestly can’t beat smsl for price for performance value. Sounds amazing.

I’ve also gotten into headphones… I got a FiiO K3 DSD USB-C DAC and a Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee Headphones for my first high end headphone set 😀

What are you running there? I see the Klipsch Sub. I dont recognize the components or the towers.

Would love to hear that setup in person though.

Much love from the Caribbean.