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Jarrow Formulas MK-7 90 mcg – 60 Softgels – Superior Vitamin K Product for Building Strong Bones – Supports Heart & Cardiovascular Health – 60 Servings?

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27th Feb 2019

Here’s one I have taken before…


Jarrows also has one with both versions of K2 – MK4 and MK7

There are other brands that combine the two. K2 as MK4, looks like you want a higher amount per dose, something like 1,000mcg to 1,500 mcg and K2 as MK7 is fine around 100mcg per 5,000iu of Vitamin -D

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19th Jul 2018

1) Help prevent the formation of stones

  • Freshly squeezed lemon into the water you are drinking. One lemon daily. This will give you citrate to help prevent the formation of stones.

  • K2 Vitamin, MK-7

2) Help break up and reduce stones

3) Catch the stones for analysis with these so your Urologist can analyze the type of stone it is and perhaps lead you to alter your diet to prevent stones. There are many types.

I used mostly “Amazon’s Choice” product links above to help you find reputable products and sellers.

Do not do only the above. Seek medical treatment primarily but don’t listen to them if they say you are wasting your time with some of the above. If you feel better doing it then that’s usually what counts. KEEP SEEKING PROPER MEDICAL ATTENTION!

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6th Dec 2016

Vitamin K2.
I take an even better version of it called MK-7. It’s more expensive, but your body absorbs WAY more of it, so I definitely think it’s worth it.


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21st Mar 2016

I’ve been taking this stuff, do I really need 25x the dose I’ve been taking? The price is damn near the same, so that’s not an issue.

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8th May 2015

Yes there is! Vitamin K2. Get a bottle of K2 in the MK-7 form, then squeeze out the gel inside and rub it on the skin. That might sound weird, but there are plenty of creams that contain K2 in it for this purpose and they’re way more expensive. Here’s one good brand on amazon- http://smile.amazon.com/dp/B0013OVVFA