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Jarrow Formulas K-Right – 60 Softgels – Bone & Cardiovascular Health Support – Contains Vitamin D3 & Three Forms of Vitamin K Including MK-7 – 60 Servings?

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21st Aug 2021

🤣 ketamine lol.


This is the one I first used. I take the vitamin like 30 minutes before a run. But I have also used the “mk-7” by Jarrow.

I don’t think a specific brand is important, but the Jarrow ones do boast about absorption and blabla.

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15th Mar 2019

Jarrow Formulas K-Right, Promotes Bone & iovascular Health, Vitamin K-Complex, 60 Softgels https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01H3W4B8E/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_0HXICbY09FTZZ

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28th Sep 2021

I personally use Jarrow’s K-Right from amazon, which I believe is currently fine. Else I’d get it from their website

For nootropics, nootropicsdepot.com is well regarded and what I typically use.
Search r/Nootropics for threads on good suppliers.