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Japanese Shiro Nuka Rice Bran Skin Revitalizer with Sash Bag?

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7th Jan 2016

I’ve made my own rice toner with the “dirty rice water” (I use the second wash’s water) after reading a few DIY/homemade articles. Definitely has made a difference in my skin. With using rice as a cleanser itself, using rice powder (either home ground or store bought) would be your best option. There are a few products out there but they’ll add other things in there for added specialties.
Pure rice powder with a bit of water (depending on how mushy you want your mixture, you can always add water to loosen it up) and apply directly to the face as you would with your oatmeal. Less clogs on your drains! =) In case you can’t readily get rice powder, I found this on on AMAZON while researching the stuff. The brand I linked is expensive, but it also has a helpful instructions sheet. I found grinding rice at home sometimes makes the cleanser a bit rough so make sure it’s super finely ground!
I hope that helps!!!