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Jamo C93-II Black?

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20th Feb 2020

You could look at the new concert II bookshelves from Jamo. Should match your existing C10 center. Amazon Link.

Do you already have a subwoofer? That would be my next area to look for someone wanting more from their setup.

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25th Jun 2020

2600 is a great Choice but the 1600 would do Fine………

Elacs – Some Love Them , some say they Are Muddy or Muffled? I’ve Never heard them.

I’m a Infinity Reference fan



Jamo Concert supposed to be Nice C93 II , C9 II







DCM TP160 were HOT on Here a few months ago selling on Ebay for $89-$129 a pair – Ebay Sold Out but on Amazon for a lil more ($149) -and were compared to the Infinity


Center is still cheaper on Ebay ($89)


review : https://forums.audioholics.com/forums/threads/dcm-tp160s-bookshelf-speaker-deals.115795/page-5

“Going forward I’ll have no problem whole heartedly suggesting these speakers to anyone on a budget. I think anyone new to this hobby who buys these is going to have a hard time finding a better sounding speaker without spending a lot-lot more. It’s almost not right. Folks’ expectations are gonna be all skewed now, lol. To find a meaningful upgrade from the TPs is not going to be easy to do for under a thousand bucks, imo. “

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14th Jul 2020

I second the PSB Alpha’s.

However, to add to the list, I would include the Jamo C91 II. They can sound bright but pairs well with the Bee. Placement will also play a role. They have good clarity and imaging. Jump up to the the C93 II for a little more bass.