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Jabra Move Wireless Stereo Headphones – Blue?

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3rd Oct 2015

I got the Jarba Move headphones as a gift today. I’d maybe get $60 off of ebay after fees, so I’m wondering if it’d be worth it to sell it and buy a better pair, or just go with those.

Budget : $150 Max

Source : Direct from computer

Isolation: I don’t need much, but I’d definitely prefer if people next to me could not hear it.

Type : Anything but IEM’s. I get confused with On/over ear, but I’d prefer over ear. Either is fine

tonal balance : Pretty balaned with a heavy bass. Definitely more bass than usual, but still want to hear the mids and highs.

Past headphones : Many. Sentey warp – Too tight and little bass. Almost hurt my ears the quality was so sub-par. Steelseries V3 Siberia – Good for gaming, s**t for music as it sounds quite “compressed” and little bass even after equalizing.

Music : Mostly EDM, I listen everything in general so it doesn’t matter, mostly bassy music.

improve on from your set-up : More bass and comfortable. Need to be able to wear for at least 1/2 hours at once, and I have a big head so this is hard… 🙂

In the USA btw