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It’S SKIN Power 10 Formula VC Effector Ampoule Serum 1.01 fl oz – Vitamin C Dark Spot Corrector – Anti Aging for Uneven Skin Texture – Evens Tone, Fade Age Spots, Pigmentation – For Sensitive Skin?

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9th Feb 2018

Pulling this from my TO-alternative list:

Vitamin C:

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13th Oct 2016

Hi guys!

Skin Type: Combo/Oily with dry patches in colder/drier weather | US; Pacific NW where it’s starting to get a bit colder and wetter | Acne Scars

Most of my products are Western, but I’m slowly starting to add in more AB products!



I actually have a few questions!

1) Acne scarring. I know the VC effector isn’t that potent with Vitamin C. Should I be looking for an AHA or some sort of Vitamin C serum? I’ve tried some AHAs but really haven’t found something that fully helped.

2) I want to try to get away from using a bunch of Murad products because…expensive. Using both the Neulii and the Murad Acne Clearing Solution have been extremely helpful with getting rid of problem areas I’ve been having for ages. Do you guys have any sort of recommendations for BHAs that are “essence”-like? The Murad has a bit of a thin/thick consistency.

3) Any thoughts on the Scinic Snail AIO ? I’m trying to add one more moisturizer to my routine because of the cold weather, but my skin can get so finicky and oily that I haven’t even found a morning moisturizer yet. Or even, any personal recommendations on a sort of cream/occlusive?

Sorry for all the questions!