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IronMind De Rigueur Dipping Belt — Handles Half Ton Chins & Dips With Ease?

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12th Nov 2018

Jesus I hope I’m not too late but for the love of…

Please buy the Iron Minds dip belt:


Trust me you will thank me!

Yes it is expensive but it will last you 3 lifetime and you can travel with it.

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29th May 2018

If you want to go higher end, this is what I have:


Lighter, smaller, at least as durable, rated to hold 1,000 pounds, and easier to use than most other dip belts. Three times the cost though.

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1st Jun 2016

Have you tried holding the dumbbell between your feet? IMO that works pretty well until you hit ~25 pounds.

And for another idea, you could try a dip belt like this one:


Using that belt you could wrap the cord around the thin part of the dumbbell pretty easily before cinching it.

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8th Jun 2017

But for only $77 you can get the IronMind De Rigueur Dip Belt on Amazon that’s rated at 1000lbs!. 😉

For context, please see this discussion about the amazing quality and prices of IronMind’s products.

And now that I’ve posted this, I have to admit that I actually do own this dip belt (which is great for hip belt squats too).

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28th Oct 2021

u/soggybiscuitmm … You’re welcome. Forgot to mention ….

I actually have the black Rogue dip belt ($50 plus shipping), and it can get semi-uncomfortable if loading up with heavy weight. I’ve read the Ironmind being one of the more comfortable dip belts on the market. But is also closer to $100 dollars..

Ironmind dip belt ( https://www.amazon.com/IronMind-De-Rigueur-Dipping-Belt/dp/B005O1LDZG/ref=sr\_1\_2?dchild=1&keywords=ironmind+dip+belt&qid=1635398654&sr=8-2 )

The rogue multi belt looks to be more comfortable, but it does require the user to buy an additional chain (or nylon webbing strap) to attach weights.

If you do decide to get him a dip belt, consider getting him a loading pin because it makes loading weights drastically easier, The Titan fitness one or rogue’s loading pin. Titan has free shipping, Rogue has shipping cost.

Titan loading pin, looks like it will require the user to buy an additional carabiner: https://www.titan.fitness/strength/barbells/accessories/loading-pin/401141.html


Note: I bought the Rogue dipping belt, rogue loading pin, and rogue carabiner set all in one go, and it cost roughly $100 give or take when factoring the cost including shipping.


Jlab Bluetooth headphones are great because all I cared about is long battery life for gym use. It also simply works. Free shipping. Put it in the virtual shopping cart, don’t check out, sign up for their emailing or whatever. And they’ll eventually send you a 10% coupon to use,, at least that’s how I got an additional 10% discount (basically covers cost of tax)

Rolling tool bag (as gym bag). Here’s an example of a rolling tool bag (husky $99) that can be used as a gym bag. Do note the height of the handle fully extended may be too short if your bf is anything close to or over 6 feet. I’m either 5’9 or 5’10 (don’t remember, haven’t measured myself lately) and I wish the handle would be a few inches taller.


Side note: Athletic gym wear is nice, but they’re usually made of polyester and they retain odor. Find something with cotton or linen.