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IRONMAN H-Class 810XLT Power Cage with The H-Class 800XT 12 Position Weight Bench Combo?

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14th Mar 2017

I looked into that rack, but I’m going with a Titan. The westside hole spacing, 2″x3″ steel and larger capacity I think warrants the extra cost from this rack to a Titan T-3. Being a Rogue clone is a huge plus as well as I can use Rogue attachments like the landmine if I want. Just my opinion though.

For what it’s worth this rack used to go under IRONMAN fitness, they rebranded to this Fitness Reality. You can see the old rack here. Seems to be mainly positive, just like the newer one, and the general consensus seems to be that it’s a quality rack for the price.

I did go with a Fitness Reality bench though. I got a “like new, damaged box, unopened” 800 lb capacity incline bench for $85 on Amazon Warehouse deals. It hasn’t shown up yet, so I can’t comment on the quality yet, but you can’t find another 800lb capacity incline bench for anywhere close to that price, so if it’s even halfway decent I’ll be satisfied with it.