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Iron Bull Strength Padded Weightlifting Belt – 6-inch Suede Leather Weight Belt – Heavy Duty and Comfortable Back Support for Heavy Weight Lifting, Crossfit and Fitness (Black/Red, Large)?

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28th Apr 2019

I wanted to pick up a 6″ belt a few weeks ago as all of the belts at my gym are 4″ and I prefer the extra support in my back from the larger belt.

I was dinking around on Amazon and came across the Iron Bull Belt:



I was thinking to myself, no way for $40 could I get a solid belt. It had a bunch of good reviews though and for $40 I figured why not give it a shot. After having it and using it for a few weeks, I honestly would have paid 2-3 times what I paid for this belt and been completely happy. It was legit so nice, that when I opened the box I brought it out and showed my wife how nice it was for $40, considering I paid the same $40 for a paid of knee pads as well.

I would highly recommend dinking around on Amazon yourself and seeing if you can find something with great reviews that isn’t $150 unless you just feel you need a certain brand belt.