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iPettie Donuts 6-Meal Automatic Wet and Dry Food Pet Feeder with Programmable Timer, Auto Dispenser for Cat and Small & Medium Dog, Batteries & USB Power Supply, Pink?

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4th Oct 2020

We’ve always fed ours multiple times a day: started with two times a day for our oldest and then switched to 3 when we got a kitten and needed to feed her more regularly.

This was a killer and they would wake us up every morning at like 5am for their ‘breakfast’.

We recently got automatic feeders (we have the Ipetite donut).

It has literally changed our life – every night, I give them fresh wet food, put in a frozen portion of wet food for the morning, and dry food for their lunch. We don’t even hear them get their breakfast anymore. And it means we can go on overnight/weekend trips without stressing about feeding.