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iPazzPort Backlit Wireless Mini Keyboard USB with Touchpad for Android TV Box, Nvidia Shield TV, Raspberry Pi 3 KP-810-21SL?

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15th Nov 2016

Thank you. That does look exactly like the one on the image.

The reason I’ve asked on here is I saw it in an Amazon review saying that the ipazzport one is crap and there is another of much better quality at a similar price. But instead of naming the device the reviewer just posted and image of the two controllers next to each other.

iPazzPort Backlit Wireless Mini Keyboard Usb with Touchpad for Raspberry Pi 3 KP-810-21SL

It’s the second review on that particular item. I’ve been buying these as gifts and thought maybe the one he spoke of really is of better quality. Also the dongle is much smaller.

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8th May 2016

I got this one. It’s backlit. iPazzPort Backlit Wireless Mini Keyboard with Touchpad Mouse Combo and Built-in Rechargeable Battery for Raspberry Pi 3/ Android and Google Smart TV / XBMC and HTPC KP-810-21SL (Black) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B014F30WYQ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_fdSlxbVDBAA9T