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IOGEAR GCS632U 2 Port VGA USB Compact KVM Switch ?

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13th Dec 2017

The KVM I use is this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0001BVXI6/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1

I have it hidden away and just double-tap scroll lock whenever I want to switch.

By the way, you should note that if you have a wireless keyboard/mouse, you should do extra research. The dongle has to be placed in one of the ports or else switching won’t work, and the switch has to support the keyboard/mouse or else it won’t work right. If I recall, when I tried to switch to a keyboard/mouse, the scroll lock key double-tap didn’t work and I would need to use physical buttons for that (which the one I linked above does not have).

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16th Dec 2011

If you’re willing to run the monitor in question (ie, the switchable one), try this:

IoGear GC632U

At $32-ish right now, it’s hella cheap and does the job for me. I’m running it on a Dell 20″ monitor hooked to an 2009 MBP 15″ with no issues to speak of.

One thing I did was to switch the mode on it to use a double-tap of the Control key instead of Print Screen (which Mac kbds don’t have). I also did this because having used Macs forever and a day, it is a lot less confusing to have the cmd key in the right location—I’m not allowed to change the settings on the PC so by using an Apple kbd I get as close to comfortable as I can.

By and large it has been pretty reliable for me the last couple years though and the price was certainly right.

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19th Nov 2017

My personal favorite is the 2-Port IO Gear KVM for most setups, I use these on 3 of my gaming systems and have never had input lag. I don’t use the VGA connect, just the USB and Audio, then I switch video directly on the monitor. I prefer these because the cables are not detachable and you can double tap the “Scroll Lock” key to switch between 1 & 2. TrendNet also has some nice KVM the main difference being the detachable cables.


I have 5 of these 2-Port TrendNet KVM around the main building for various systems, I like them and have never seen input lag. These were purchased by someone else prior to my arrival, but they work great so I see no need to change them out. I usually order the IO Gear, but these are just as solid and reliable, again, personal preference because of the one-piece design of the IO Gear.


I use 3 of these 4-Port TrendNet KVM for another location. When I arrived there was already 1 on-site, and when I needed more I had no reason not to buy the same brand and style. Great price, very reliable, no input lag, and they have all lasted well over 2 years of constant use.


Now, I do have one of these 4-Port ieGeek KVM for a smaller server setup. I hate it. It just feels cheap, it has a single button that cycles through all 4 connections whether there is anything actively connected to it or not, and the cables are stiff and unwieldy. There is no input lag, the change response is fairly quick, but it doesn’t support the double tap Scroll Lock to cycle like the IO Gear or TrendNet models, so I have to make sure it is physically within reach while using it.


I use 1 of these 8-Port TrendNet KVM for one of my workbenches because I still needed PS/2 with the USB when I bought it, but it still works great after 3 years, and again, no noticeable input lag.


I use 1 of these 16-Port TrendNet KVM for another workbench because the 8-Port TrendNet was so reliable, I got this one. I didn’t need the PS/2 this time, but it is nice to have just in case I do get any more really old systems in.