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IOGEAR 4-Port USB KVM Switch with Cables and Remote GCS24U, Black?

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7th Aug 2017

It’s called a KVM switch. There’s a button just under the keyboard drawer. Here’s one on Amazon I bought:

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22nd Feb 2021

The utility Synergy lets you do this. It’s been a while since I’ve used an early version of it but it enabled you to have a mouse / keyboard physically attached to one computer, and then using the Synergy client/server software you could have the client run on your other computer and it would then be able to track your mouse effectively letting you control both machines with the same hardware, a software-based KVM type setup.

For an actual KVM device you physically switch between laptops with I use this one. I have one monitor, keyboard, and mouse and share these among my two laptops. There’s a switch that lets you click from one KVM port to the next to go from one laptop to the next. It takes a little getting used to if you’re new to KVMs.

I haven’t researched a bluetooth-based KVM but that would make sense; might be pricier however for the convenience of fewer cables.