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IOGEAR 2-Port Dual View Dual Link DVI KVMP Switch with Audio, w/Full Set of Cables (GCS1642 TAA Compliant)?

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7th Jan 2018

I came into this similar situation with two monitors for my gaming rig and working off of my work laptop. I first explored the software KVM but it requires both computers to be on the same network. I realized that when I had to VPN in, that would break that connection. I settled on a dual monitor KVM switch from IOGear and I have been pretty pleased. Once I turned off the keyboard emulation, it works flawlessly with my Strafe RGB keyboard. Here is the model I bought.


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3rd Aug 2016

Something like:


would work for both monitors at once (but it would be 2xDVI, and it is more expensive than what you were looking for). You could also do two switches – one DVI KVM switch and one HDMI KVM switch.

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10th May 2013

I have a similar setup at home. I used the 4-port version of this:


This is the 2-port version, and MSRP is just under $500. Amazon has it for $345 http://www.amazon.com/IOGEAR-2-Port-Switch-Audio-GCS1642/dp/B004GKM9JK Add a few DVI-HDMI cables from Monoprice for a few dollars, and you are in business.

EDIT: Added Amazon link