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InteVision Foot Cushion with a Non-Slip, Washable Cover – Does Not Slip Even on Smooth Marble Floors- Foot Rest Cushion for Under Desk – Ergonomic Foam Footrest to Support Yout Feet at Home or Office?

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4th Dec 2019

It’s funny how some people have such strong opinions on PC placement. There are people that are adamant PCs should be on the floor out of sight and hearing. I did have it up on a shelf next to my desk for a couple of years and haven’t noticed any real difference in dust or temps. Positive pressure airflow and filters keep it pretty clean.

Those stands look pretty nice, being able to hide wires looks pretty clean. I’ll keep those in mind if I buy a new desk and don’t want to drill any holes in it.

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31st Jan 2015

I have a plastic bin under my desk that I rest my feet on most of the time, but I like my feet up high. My feet dangle too (like you mentioned – I have to keep my chair high enough that I can comfortably use the keyboard and mouse). You can find step stools of different sizes at HomeGoods, Marshalls, etc, or Walmart/Target. It doesn’t have to be something fancy and expensive. This cushion looks comfy.

Good luck! I know it’s a pain. It’s something I don’t even think about anymore b/c I’ve had the same set-up for so long, but it was really tough when I was pregnant to find a comfortable solution.

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26th Jan 2019

I’ve been using this cheaper foam foot rest I found on amazon. It’s been great so far, easy to clean and you can flip it to use it upside down also.