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Instinct Raw Boost Grain Free Recipe with Real Chicken Natural Dry Cat Food, 5 lb. Bag?

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27th Jun 2017

Thanks for the response! I have read that before on various posts made by others as well which is why I was transitioned from this cat food: natural instinct raw boost only this only in the mornings and wet food in the evenings.

It’s tough having to do all that while getting ready for work in the morning a pure lazy thing I guess..I am going to start by giving them pure wet food on weekends! Any recommendations by the way? At the moment I’m feeding them this wet food

But I’m not sure if it the best? What is raw diet? Any recommendations?

The tower tracks is now in my amazon cart 🙂

Unfortunately the little dude cries nonstop until the balcony door is open. I’m going to look up how to make a catio and well..make one lol. I understand the danger as he’s been over the ledge a few times and I live on the 5th floor apartment..Now I’m constantly outside whenever he is outside..although that can get annoying..