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iMicro KB-BL919EB Basic USB English Keyboard (Black)?

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19th Oct 2016

> is irrelevant if you cant understand the different architectures of each system

Oh god here comes the full retardation again.

No dude. I clearly said that based on lack of knowledge like you speak.

Both the Xbone and Ps4 have octo-core AMD based processors at 1.6 respectively 1.75 GHz, which is easy to outmatch by, big surprised, an AMD that has a higher clock.

For GPUs the Xbone, once again, works on AMD architecture with 768 (more or less) cores at 850 or so MHz, giving you 1.31 teraflops. PS4 1152 cores, roughly 800 MHz giving somewhere around 1.83 or 1.84Teraflops.

Knowing that it takes as much brain as going and searching for a CPU and GPU that has better specs.

>For the price of a decent PC, monitor, KB, Mouse, oull be lucky to get 1080P 60 FPS at high quality on most games out today. Get your head out of your ass.

… Jesus your head is not made only so rain doesn’t fall down your throat! You’re supposed to use it to think!

When you buy a console do you buy a fucking TV? Controllers? Speakers?

You buy a fucking box and some cables.

By the same logic have fun, because (DUH, can’t believe I’m saying this!) TVs are more expensive than monitors.

Besides the fact that here’s a mouse that’s.. what’s that? A cent?


and here’s a 3$ keyboard


But I’m sure for 3.01$ you’ll just go bankrupt and should go for a console instead.