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IKBC KD87-BK-RD PBT Tenkeyless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Cherry MX Red Switch, Black Case, Detachable Cable?

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10th Feb 2018

If you wanna save a few more dollars there’s also the iKBC KD87

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22nd Jan 2018

I bought an iKBC KD-87 as my first mechanical keyboard, with Cherry MX Reds. Seemed like a good cost-to-quality ratio for entry level. But I got it and kind of hated it. I didn’t like the feel of the keys, it felt like they didn’t press smoothly.

I was ready to return it and simply go back to my membrane keyboard. But then I found the KUL ES-87 for a pretty good price and gave it a shot. And wow, what a difference. The feel is night and day. The keys are effortless to press and are super satisfying.

If they’re both Cherry Reds, what is the reason for this difference? Do keycaps play a role? Is it the sturdier build quality of the KUL?

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15th Jan 2018

I recently built a new PC, and needed a new keyboard. My reviews brought me to mechanical keyboards. There was nothing specific to mechanical keyboards that I wanted, just that most people said that mechanical keyboards are quality keyboards. Previously I was using chiclet-style keyboards in the form of my Apple keyboards, Microsoft keyboard, and Dell laptop keyboard.

I bought the iKBC KD87 with Red switches. Not a $20 keyboard, but also not a $120 keyboard.

I’m not sure I like it. The keyboard is physically very tall. The base is tall and the keys are tall, which I find somewhat awkward for my hand positioning. The key travel is also very long. I knew I liked shorter key travel, but something like the MX Cherry Silver isn’t widely available. Plus the difference is something like 0.5 mm (between silver and red)? So I went with red. I’m not sure I enjoy the experience.

I’m trying to decide what to do. Do I find another keyboard, perhaps a bit slimmer with “speed switches”? Do I install O-rings on my current keyboard to shorten the travel? Or do I just accept that the things that are unique to mechanical keyboards do not align with my preferences, and perhaps I should go back to chiclet keys?

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13th Mar 2018

“Nicest… for the money” – – > clearly not

The MasterKeys Pro L costs $119 actually at Amazon. For the comparison, an IKBC F108 RGB is at $99, the stock keycaps are made in PBT (PBT doubleshot) and the build quality is approximately the same as Ducky

Another example, the CoolerMaster MK750 is a joke (made for ones you are die hard fans of Razer or Corsair but who don’t want the best value for money). What makes it worth over a Ducky shine 6 or an IKBC MF108 RGB? Does it have an full CNC Aluminium case or doubleshot PBT keycaps?

Let’s talk about the famous ” Premium Aluminium plate”… The Pro L has a steel plate (like the Shine or MF) when otherwise the MK750 has an aluminium. This is such a downgrade but you know when people values aesthetic they can lower the production cost and raise the price

There’s also the low end market, https://www.amazon.com/IKBC-KD87-BK-RD-Tenkeyless-Mechanical-Detachable/dp/B01N7T3Q2A


IKBC TD108 too