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iKBC F87 RGB Double-Shot PBT Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Cherry MX Brown Switches, White Case, Per-Key RGB Lighting, TenKeyLess?

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17th Feb 2017

Ducky One TKL RGB LED White is out of stock in USA. You can call mechanicalkeyboards.com to ask if they will get more, but no one here can tell you that. It’s available in places in Asia but you have to look for it and you’re on your own on that one.

The iKBC F108 and F87 RGB are available in white.


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5th Apr 2017

Quick somewhat urgent question (as they’re selling out)

But, I’ve been holding out for THIS specific board because it has ALMOST everything I want and a great reputation (what I want: white board/keys, RGB lighting, TKL, brown switches, only thing it’s missing is floating keys)

However, it’s been out of stock virtually everywhere. Only place I could get it is Indonesia.

Well, after searching for a similar board for ages, finally a few just popped up to my attention but I don’t have time to research them.

Does anyone have any experience with iKBC F87? https://www.amazon.com/Double-Shot-Mechanical-Keyboard-Switches-K6D73S411001/dp/B01MPWO7VG?th=1 It looks virtually identical to the Ducky board.

And more recently I saw this https://www.amazon.com/GANSS-Mechanical-Keyboard-Backlit-MX-Brown/dp/B01M68WW67?th=1 which has FLOATING KEYCAPS! But no RGB keys…

What do you guys reckon, wait for Ducky, or grab one of those two?