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iKBC F108 RGB Double-Shot PBT Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Cherry MX Brown Switches, White Case, Per-Key RGB Lighting, Full Size (K6D75S411006)?

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13th Nov 2016

I see now, this keyboard has an aluminum body – and PBT keys – so arguably, it’s higher quality than the ducky shine 5 (ducky apparently uses ABS). Only thing is that this thing doesn’t ship until the end of January. If I wanted to buy a plastic version of this keyboard (but still with PBT keys, etc.), it’s available now on Amazon:



Do mech keyboards on amazon tend to go on sale on black Friday? Worth waiting or should I just buy now? Have been waiting for 6 months for ducky shine 6 special edition but still out of stock so might just get this one in white.

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13th Nov 2017

Looking to buy this keyboard Its the cheapest its ever been on amazon right now and my current keyboard is broken (cant type the letter in between ‘e’ and ‘g’ also the control key doesnt work). Would it be worth waiting to see i it goes on sale?

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15th Nov 2017

What’s your price range?

I highly recommend the ikbc f108. I have the black one, but ti’s the best mechanical keyboard I’ve used out of quite a few. For switches, browns are an all around great switch.

ikbc f108 in white

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18th Oct 2017

Oh I see…..

I’m getting recommended iKBC, Ducky and CM.

But damn these stuff are expensive.

Especially the Ducky’s..


Will these do me some good?

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25th Nov 2017

Not worth as I said previously, you have better to purchase a CoolerMaster MasterKeys Pro L ($99 after rebate) or an IKBC F108 RGB (comes with double-shot PBT keycaps there is no need to change the stock keycaps).

They have both a higher quality build than the Corsair K70.