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iKBC CD108 V2 Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard with Cherry MX Black Switch for Windows and Mac, Full Size Keyboard Upgraded with Mistel PBT Double Shot Keycaps for Desktop and Laptop, Solid Build Quality?

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Can someone recommend either a near-silent, tactile keyboard or some tips on attaining a near-silent build?

I have a typing speed of about 110 WPM on average. I’d like to attribute this to my long history of playing rhythm games. Unfortunately, with that high typing speed, I also have a habit of pressing very, very heavily on my buttons, leading to a lot of noise for everyone around me. It’s incredibly disturbing no matter where I am, and I’ve had this habit since high school so it’s not going away any time soon.

What switches should I be looking at to deal with that? I’m thinking I should get some heavy tactile switches. Heavy because I type heavy and more resistance means it’ll be harder to bottom out, and tactile because a clear bump will tell me when I’ve gone too far with my button presses.

Right now, I have an iKBC CD108 with <strong>Cherry MX Silent Red</strong> switches, and it’s still really, really loud.