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IK Multimedia iRig HD 2 digital guitar interface for iPhone, iPad and Mac (IP-IRIG-HD2-IN)?

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22nd Apr 2021

It’s spending $80, but if it turns out you really are pissing off the neighbors, consider one of these rigged in with a computer. It’s a pretty nice rig, allows for a few stomp pedals, etc. And you can mix in an external source.

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22nd May 2021

It’s a small device that allows you to connect your guitar to your ipad so you can use various apps to record and play guitar.

My chain looks like this

Guitar & headphones > irig hd2 > ipad > Bias FX app

Then I record songs through Garage Band. Play along to songs on Spotify also learn songs on the Ultimate Guitar app.

irig HD2 Amazon

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20th Jan 2021

you need to have an interface that takes the analog audio signal from your guitar and converts it to a digital signal your phone can understand. Check out Amazon for an iRig like this one

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24th Aug 2021

The irig hd2 has a usb-c outlet. And it can also plug into an amp to use the pedals and effects of your GarageBand or AmpliTube (it comes with app) so that you can hear them in an amp settings.


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24th Aug 2020

Yeah, sure! This is the one I got, the iRig HD2:


It comes with the free version of Amplitube, which is an amp and effect modeling app, with basic multi-track recorder, tuner, and metronome functions built in. The free version has a couple of amps and effects, and then there’s an in-app purchase for the full shebang that gives you ALL their amps and effects… which is honestly more than any human would need. 🙂

You can switch the head and the cab, you can build pre- and post- signal chains for your effects… it is basically everything you could do with the physical devices, but all in software.

Just so you know, I don’t really use it any more. Because I bought the Fender Studio Rumble 40 amp, which is a digital modeling amp and does all the same stuff as Amplitube. I run the Fender app on my iPad and control everything (except output volume) on my amp from my iPad, which I mounted on a cymbal stand with an iPad holder. So I can stand up, bass strapped on, and tweak all my amp and effect settings directly on the iPad without having to crouch down and squint at tiny little displays and knobs.

I’ve also used this configuration to record, pre-COVID. No amp. Just plugged the iRig directly into the console, put on my headphones, and we all recorded War Pigs. Twas much fun.

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16th Apr 2021

iRig HD is the one you need. I have it and I love it: https://www.amazon.com/IK-Multimedia-digital-interface-IP-IRIG-HD2/dp/B01KPYGBR6

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6th Nov 2017


Currently, I have a pair of Polk TSi100 bookshelf speakers hooked up to an Indeed TA2021 25Wx2. I use it to listen to music from the PC/ my phone.

I wanted to re-use the setup for bass guitar as well (i have an interface for it), but I found that the speaker literally cuts off sound below 50 Hz (around G1), which is per spec. I confirmed the bass sounds fine over the headphone.

What I want to do is to get a 2.1 channel amplifier and an 8-inch subwoofer. Could you recommend me a reasonable one? My budget for them is ~$300CAD, I hope that’s more than enough.


EDIT: I also happened to have a fender rumble 25w amp which does have an 8inch disc. Maybe I could hook that up with the subwoofer? (Some people seem to have done it) but it’s bulky so if the subwoofer is smaller i’d rather go that way.

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21st Jul 2017

https://www.amazon.com/IK-Multimedia-digital-guitar-interface/dp/B01KPYGBR6 – this is what i bought (at 100$, its 84 now), because i wasn’t sure if i wanted to play on the go or at my desktop. it also comes with amplitube (though a watered down version) but i got really sick of all the nickle and diming they do. It turns out i play almost entirely at my desktop so i would have gone with something like this instead: https://www.amazon.com/Focusrite-Scarlett-Audio-Interface-Tools/dp/B01E6T56CM/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1500654678&sr=8-7&keywords=focusrite+usb+audio+interface .

you could technically accomplish the same thing by getting a converter for 1/4″->1/8″ jack and plugging it into your soundcard, but it has a lot of issues and sounds shitty. The audio interface essentially takes the signal from your pickups and makes it clean and readable for your computer. With this (often called DI or direct input) signal, you can use software that emulated the circitry of tube amps to produce very very accurate replications of tones.

https://www.positivegrid.com/bias-fx/ here is the sim i would recommend. I played around with a few others but this is the best sounding, and most straight forward one (others try to nickle and dime you all over the place). it’s nice because you can get a week trial of it before u have to buy too! Basically you only need a guitar, instrument cable, audio interface and a computer. you can get free trials of everything else before you buy to see what suits your needs.

there’s a million demos of it, but here’s a good one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8D00Xn1vfyU

The beauty of all of this is that these all interface seemlessly with digital audio workspaces (DAW’s), which are used for recording. You can setup each track to have different amp/effects/ect and can also play around live with the effects for practicing. I often use these for writing too, because i can record a rhythm section, then loop it and noodle around with leads or harmonies (essentially making a looper pedal that sounds way better than any pedal on the market). there’s a ton of videos that can help with all of this, I would suggest checking out Ryan Bruce (aka fluff) on youtube, he has a couple entry level recording tips videos! I’m happy to keep talking about this if you have any questions! break through that bleek streek!