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iJoy Matte Finish Bluetooth Headphones, Wireless Over-Ear Foldable Headset with Built-in Microphone, FM, Micro SD Card Slot (GLM)?

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3rd Jan 2021

so after like 3 months, the charge port on my cheapo Ijoy Logos are failing. which is fine. i bought them when my krakens were literally falling apart after several years of daily use.

SO, I’m here for some suggestions. Gaming targeted headphones generally kind if suck and come with things I don’t need, namely a annoying microphone that more often than not gets in the way.

Budget – I’m targeting something around 60, but 100 is my hard limit

Source – this is going straight into my computer. I don’t think I have anything beyond a basic sound card. Device manager doesn’t give me much information beyond that i have a Realtek device. can’t find anything that seems like a model number.

Requirements for Isolation – I live by myself in an apartment. Isolation for my sake isn’t really a requirement as my neighbors are generally not too loud, but I can’t have any leakage to prevent my mic picking up sound when I’m on call. It’s a major pet peeve.

Will you be using these Headphones in Public? unlikely. these are strictly for use in my apartment.

Preferred Type of Headphone – full size

Preferred tonal balance – Balanced

Past headphones – The only real notable pair I used was the Razer Kraken Chromas V2 USB. These were good for me. the only thing I didn’t like was the mic sticking in my face and being wired.

Preferred Music – My favourite genre is future funk (some notable artists are Yung Bae and Macross 82-99), but my tastes are generally pretty wide, anything from Die Antwoord to Disco. Aside from that, a good portion of my usage will be for voice calls and gaming.
My spotify end of year playlist if that’s useful.

Other stuff.
I’d prefer Bluetooth or USB dongle. I like to be able to move around and still be in the conversation and what not. Bluetooth covers my whole apartment which is really nice.
NO MICROUSB. I am sick of those things breaking after 3 months.
If it has a microphone, It has to be built into the cups, I don’t want something swinging around my face and I use an external mic.
If it comes in pink, that’s a huge plus :3