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iClever BK10 Bluetooth Keyboard, Multi Device Keyboard Rechargeable Bluetooth 5.1 with Number Pad Ergonomic Design Full Size Stable Connection Keyboard for iPad, iPhone, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows?

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24th Feb 2022

Check this out maybe? There’s seem to be a ton on Amazon if you just type in “apple style keyboard for pc” most of the Bluetooth ones seem to be in this style https://www.amazon.com/iClever-Bluetooth-Rechargeable-Ergonomic-Connection/dp/B07TS6R1SF/ref=mp_s_a_1_8?keywords=apple+like+keyboard+for+pc&qid=1645721550&sr=8-8

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25th Sep 2020

Here’s a quick search one on Amazon. Are you talking about something like this? I believe this works with windows since it’s described so.

Edit: “RGB” completely flew across my head. But I guess that link is a good start.

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12th Sep 2020


That’s the keyboard. back story is: I have 3 devices. Gaming computer, personal laptop, and work laptop. I hate cables, so I rely on bluetooth as much as I possibly can, the problem is, bluetooth is a piece of crap. I bought this keyboard because it’s multi device and it has support for bluetooth 5.1

Long story short, the keyboard feels good to type. It comes with a rubbery keys protector that I hate, but I leave it on (too sticky) and I have some random disconnects that honestly I cannot attribute to the keyboard itself as I see my mouse (Logitech) and very occasionally my AirPods disconnecting as well. At least in my work computer which I use the most.

Bottom line is, your mileage might vary. I’m yet to find THE perfect keyboard for my setup (3 computers) so my quest continues….