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i-Rocks Rock Series K10 Keyboard?

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20th May 2016

The keycap you bought is designed to fit a mechanical keyboard with ‘cherry style’ switches (there’s more than one manufacturer of these, but cherry are the ‘original and best’, essentially).

They keyboard you own apears to be a ‘dome switch’ keyboard, which will have different keycaps entirely (as the keycap is an integral part of the switch, rather than something you sit on top of the switch.

Basically, you need a different keyboard. You can get cheap keyaboards which have ‘pseudo’ mechanical switches (I’m typing on one now – an iRocks K10), but you have to make sure it has the right switches.

Check out /r/MechanicalKeyboards if you’re interested. I picked up a ‘low level’ mechanical keyboard for less than £50 – it’s not backlit, nor is it remarkably fancy, but it’s customisable and very nice to type on if you’re not ‘down the rabbit hole’ (it’s a world above anything I’ve used before, basically).