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i-rocks K72MN Mechanical Keyboard – 104 Keys – with Wood Grain Aluminum Casing, Cherry MX Brown Switches, PBT Keycaps, Hot Keys, and Macro Recorder?

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23rd Jul 2021

Link to the keyboard on Amazon.
…and a link to the Happy Balls keycaps.

This is my first time owning MX Browns, and I’m loving the way this keyboard both feels and sounds. Eventually I plan on lubing them (it’ll be my first time doing so), but for now, I just want to type on it as-is.

And yeah, I’m definitely happy with the keycap swap. I think the Happy Balls ones really add a vintage look to the board itself (which is already a unique looking keyboard on its own), as everything seems to aesthetically fit well together here.

Also ignore how my Walmart-tier desk looks. I’ve had it since 2007 and somehow it holds up very well despite how cheap the wood is. I love it too much to just toss it out just quite yet.