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“I and love and you” Naked Essentials Chicken & Duck Grain Free Dry Cat Food, 11 Lb?

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8th Nov 2020

The main thing is if your cat is strictly indoors or if you are allowing the monster to go outside and run around. If the boss gets to go out everyday, that means lots of exercise and you can buy any cat food, even the cheap stuff, and kitty should be fine. But if the boss stays strictly indoors, you should lean towards grain-free foods. The less active your owner is, the more attention you need to pay to the quality of the food.

I used to buy the kibbles n bits (the cheap stuff) for our previous cats and they were always outside till bedtime. They were really healthy. Our two latest cats are strictly indoors and the cheap stuff made them fat and lethargic. Switched to grain-free (I order this from Amazon) and my cats enjoy it a lot. They’ve slimmed down and are holy terrors 24/7.

Have fun raising the little tornado!