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HyperX Wrist Rest – Cooling Gel – memory Foam – Anti-Slip – Ergonomic – Keyboard Accessory?

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19th Jan 2022

They’re pretty nice. I’d debated getting wood ones to go with the overall theme, but these provide good support while still having just a little give that wood wouldn’t. I went with two because they almost perfectly match the length of my deskpad and so I’ve got support the entire way without ever having to reposition.

HyperX Wrist Rest – Cooling Gel – Memory Foam – Anti-Slip – Ergonomic – Keyboard Accessory https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GP7JXQY/

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12th Sep 2021

This one is for the people who type a lot, A Wrist Rest. This is good if you have a keyboard that has some height to it. It’s all about your wrist extensions and angles at which you type. I have a mechanical keyboard, which means it has some height to it and this sits at just the right height.

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17th Oct 2020

Personally i would go for the Hyper X Alloy origins core, as it comes with Hyper X branded switches, which are much more premium than the cherry switches you get with the steel-series. Both the linear Hyper X red and tactile Hyper X aqua switches have had amazing reviews and i would recommend them over a cherry switch any day. I’m not to sure about the clicky blue switch but i would assume its a lot better too. It also does come with RGB backlighting and you can always pick up a wrist rest like this one Wrist Rest amazon. if you were to buy the wrist rest + keyboard it would only cost you $110 compared to $150 with the steel series. Even though the Hyper X is cheaper it is definitely a more premium feeling keyboard.

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4th May 2021
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17th May 2021

I’m going to address the things that need addressing…

> Prefer linear switches that arent quiet (mx red or maybe membrane)

Linear switches are always quiet. A linear switch means that there is no tactile or audible feedback to indicate that the switch has been actuated.

You’re thinking about the CLACK made from bottoming out the keystroke. All keyboards do this, just press really hard.

> Wrist-wrest would be nice

Always buy the wrist rest separately. The HyperX Wrist Rest is the best I’ve ever used.

Personally, I use a Tecware Phantom 104. Cheap, feature packed, and it’s pretty reliable. I have two full size (one at home and one at work) and the TKL variant. Both are great for typing and gaming.

87 key
104 key

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25th Sep 2021

I have one of these for my current keyboard


Its okay, my new keyboard is split so looking for a new wrist rest for that.

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21st Sep 2021

I personally use the Northern Lights deskpad made by Linus Tech Tips. It’s fairly affordable, comes in many different sizes, and is fairly good quality.

If that’s not your cup of tea, or you want something a bit more fancy (actually, a LOT more fancy), then you could go with something like the Razer Goliath deskpad. This one has two sizes, RGB, and comes in white, black, and pink. I only used this one for a short time, so I can’t really say how good it is for long term use.

Both of these should be fine with long sleeved shirts. They were for me, at least.

Lastly, a good addition to any desk/mouse pad is a wristrest. For my keyboard, I use this one. I don’t use one for my mouse because it makes my hands cramp.

Hope this helps, and good luck!

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2nd May 2021

Oh also the Hyper X Gel Wrist Rest is hella worth it, especially with this laptop.

I also bought this Aukey wall nugget and these cables to take with me while charging this laptop on the go.

Also this because I’m using a super old secondary monitor. Idk if anyone cares.

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25th Dec 2020

The Apex Pro wrist rest is terrible, as are most included wrist rests.

I bought this wrist rest, https://www.amazon.com/HyperX-Wrist-Rest-Anti-Slip-Ergonomic/dp/B07GP7JXQY

At first I didn’t like it, but later I realized that was because I was trying to push it against the keyboard like the wrist rests that come with the Apex Pro or Huntsman Elite. Give it a few inches of space and a rest like this is fantastic. Also make sure it’s either only used for resting or *light* support, you should not be pushing down with force at all with your wrist.

You’re going to need to get used to the height of normal keys I think. It’s possible though that you’d prefer a different keyboard, I found that the Apex Pro caused much more finger fatigue for me (not sure why) than other KB’s, I switched to the Huntsman Elite and I have no hand fatigue and the keys feel much better to me.

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22nd Nov 2020

Just picked this up from Best Buy. Oversized but it’s a great height and very comfortable.

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7th Oct 2020

Arm and wrist stretches. Take a break if you start hurting. Also, get a good keyboard rest (this is the one I use).

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10th Oct 2020

I do actually! Especially need it for gaming, but I think I could get away with no wrist wrest if I was just typing. I use this one

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26th Sep 2020

Wrist rest is super comfortable and looks neat. It’s specially useful in case of mechanical keyboards sue to their elevation.


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20th Apr 2020

Die meisten Eigenbauten sind 60% bis TKL. Full size sieht man nur ganz selten mal. Die Frage ist, wie oft benutzt du das Numpad und brauchst du unbedingt die Tasten daneben? Solche Tastaturen werden meistens von der QMK Firmware betrieben und da lässt sich wirklich jede Taste mit mehreren Funktionen belegen.

MX Browns würde ich persönlich nicht empfehlen, die sind eher Linear als Taktil und kratzen auch ziemlich. MX Blues sind da schon was beliebter, aber da gibt es doch schon viel besseres. Generell hat da aber natürlich jeder seinen eigenen Geschmack.

Hier ein Sound Test von Novelkeys (Kailh) BOX Navys, Jades und Cherry Blues.

Wenns nur Taktil, ohne Klick, sein soll, dann würde ich persönlich Zealios empfehlen. Die gibt es auch als silent Version, Zilents.

Allerdings sind solche besonderen Switches schon etwas teurer, vorallem wenn man eine Full size Tastatur damit füllen möchte. Wobei man ja nicht überall auf der Tastatur die gleichen Switches haben muss.

Ein Kumpel von mir hat die Roccat und ist auch ganz zufrieden mit der. Ich finde die ganz schrecklich mit den flachen keycaps usw. Liegt aber vielleicht daran das meine Tastaturen in einer anderen Liga spielen 😀

Die Glorious GMMK ist mir gerade noch eingefallen. Die hier von mir verlinkte ist nur eine barebone Tastatur für welche du noch Switches und Keycaps kaufen musst. Die Switches lassen sich da einfach reinstecken ohne zu löten. Gibt es bei Amazon als 60%, TKL und Full size. Habe bisher nicht wirklich schlechtes über die gelesen.

Achso und bevor ichs vergesse. Eine Handballenauflage kann man sich auch so noch dazu kaufen. Diese zum Beispiel. Oder wenn man Handwerklich bisschen begabt ist sogar selbst eine aus Holz machen 😀

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18th Apr 2020

Hi everyone! Here’s my setup. I apologize for non-existing cable management – snapped a picture right after building the desk.

Working from home has been OK, just ended week 5. However I have a pinched nerve situation in my right leg so lots of sitting was not doing me any good. I’ve ordered the cheapest standing desk IKEA offered (link below) – not motorized but with a crank you have to turn manually. I like it a lot! I tend to work standing up about 80% of the time, some days 100% (sitting on a lunch break but working standing up).

OS: I run Pop!_OS Linux by System76 on all my machines. I don’t dual boot. IMO if you are going to try out or convert someone to Linux this is a really good distro to start from – very polished. Of course I don’t want to start any distro wars and I myself have distro-hopped quite a bit before so this is just what I use, I don’t say it’s the best thing ever, it just suits my needs.

1) ThinkPad T490s (LEFT)
This is my T490s from work. FHD, i5, 256Gb SSD, 8Gb RAM. I enjoy it a lot, the FHD screen has a quite a bit of ghosting but not too bad and brightness is OK. When I joined the company they were using Macs, but I wanted to ask just in case if I could get a ThinkPad and run Linux. My CTO was very welcoming and understanding of the preference and I am very grateful to have the opportunity to work on this machine 🙂

2) ThinkPad T480s (RIGHT)
My personal T480s with the following specs: WQHD, i5, Samsung EVO 512Gb SSD, 24Gb RAM (8Gb soldered + 16Gb stick), no dGPU (just integrated graphics). I got it in May last year. I bought it with 128Gb and only soldered RAM and upgraded the SSD and RAM myself (to save approximately $600 CAD if I were to buy it from Lenovo with these specs at the time). I took out the 128Gb SSD with Windows on it and still have it for just in case – maybe to use in another machine at some point in the future 🙂

3) HyperX Wrist Rest
This wrist rest is very nice, soft but not too soft. It’s a little longer than a keyboard but that’s on purpose. First of all it allows me to use arrow keys with my wrist still resting on it, and second: it will fit any other keyboard even if it’s regular size in the future.

4) SteelSeries QcK Gaming Surface Mousepad
Medium size, cloth. You’ll notice that a lot of the setup bits are products that are cheap and have the highest rating on Amazon (like mouse pad, wrist pad, laptop stand) – which all turned out to be a good bet.

5) AmazonBasics Laptop Desk Stand
This laptop stand is nice. Not as well thought through as a Rain Design mStand stand, but still very good and fits both my laptops well.

6) Logitech G403 Prodigy RGB Gaming Mouse
This mouse is really nice. I chose a wired one because I hate dealing with batteries or charging the mouse and it’s just easier to use with Linux – not that it’s any pain, but just in case I want to try weird distros in the future 🙂 For the longest time I didn’t use a mouse at all, but with having a screen and a keyboard in front of me it’s awkward to try to get to the touchpad on the ThinkPad.

7) Durgod Taurus K320 TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – MX Cherry Red Silent switches
This keyboard seems to be out of stock in US Amazon so I will give a link to the Canadian Amazon from which I’ve ordered it.

I like this keyboard a lot. I’ve ordered Red Silent switch version to use at work and not to annoy anyone with clicking sounds (because I wasn’t sure how loud this particular keyboard was with say brown switches) and I’ve been very happy so far.

8) ASUS Monitor FHD (1920×1080)
This monitor is very basic, we bought this a while ago while we were still students so it was around $100.
Let me know if you have any questions regarding any of these and I will be happy to answer!

Cheers, fellow Thinkers!

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24th Feb 2020

I recently got the hyper X wrist rest off Amazon. Highly recommended!

This here: