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Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen Peptides Powder. Wild-Caught Fish – Colageno Hidrolizado en Polvo – Vital Protein Supplement for Skin, Hair, Joints and Digestion – Correxiko Collagen Marine Powder (5oz)?

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19th May 2019

I did the same last December. My hair was the same as yours: long Princess dark hair, ombré-hair bleached into oblivion (the hairdresser did an awful job, bitch bleached almost to my scalp and forgot me. Then she cut 20cm).

Here’s what I did:

  • semi-permanent hair dye at a salon 4 times to slowly keep the colour inside. Hairdresser said it’s risky to use permanent hair dye because it’s likely the growing hair won’t be exactly the same colour as the dye. That way, the semi-permanent dye fade into your natural hair and it creates a slight gradient. My hairdresser used special dye that moisturise the hair, I don’t know how it’s called though…

  • no sulfate + no sodium chloride shampoo (it’s bad for everyone’s hair anyway)

  • I take supplements that contain L-cystin, Vit B6 and Zinc. Basically I looked up what helped with hair growth and searched for these ingredients in supplements formula online.

  • I also take omega-3 supplements to prevent dry hair (normally it’s for my dry skin and eyes but it also does the job with hair)

  • Since I’m finishing my hair supplements, I’ve ordered marine collagen, I’ve read here it makes hair grow insanely fast. And if it doesn’t, as least it helps with chronic pain and dry skin.

  • Keratin treatment. This one is the big tip. Inbefore the assassination of my princess hair, I’ve done 4-5 Keratin treatment. It made my damage frizzy hair go very smooth and healthy. Next Saturday will be my first treatment since December. I’m not hoping it will save it drastically with one treatment, but in September I’ll do another one and so on… until it gets as beautiful as before.

I’m conscious it represents a lot of money, but if you had to use only one of tips, go for the Keratin treatment and no sulfate + no sodium chloride shampoo.