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Hyaluronic Acid Serum | 100% Pure Strongest Dose | Collagen Booster Anti-Aging |Top Wrinkle Remover Recommended by Dermatologists | 1/2oz. 1oz. and 2oz. | HA 100 (2oz)?

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21st Feb 2017

I personally have this one but if you look on amazon you will see a ton. So if you want one with Prime or something else it’s easy to find there. What you want to look for though is one that is just hyaluronic acid alone. No Vit C or matrixyl added for instance. Those are great but you’re looking for something that just at its base works for you and that’s the best way to tell before you look for any add ons ya know.

It’s a very watery gel with a dropper bottle you wanna store somewhere dark. But just a few drops is enough for your whole face and it sinks in within 2 minutes. If you feel you need some more you can do a second layer no issue. In the summer it’s essentially all I use for moisturizer. Just bam, instant hydration. And after a shower it works even better to trap all that in.