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HUO JI E-Yooso Z-88 Typewriter RGB Mechanical Keyboard, Vintage Retro Style with Red Switches, Compact 81 Keys Hot Swappable for PC, Mac, Black?

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15th Jul 2019

Did a little digging, it appears to be this one?
HUO JI Retro RGB Mechanical Keyboard

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2nd Aug 2020

Is there a specific model name for it?

Edit: NVM found it on amazon https://www.amazon.com/Mechanical-Keyboard-Element-Typewriter-Style-Anti-Ghosting/dp/B07JNQLNNS

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28th Aug 2019

Bump for this post, wondering the same thing… I like the extra lighting effects on the phantom but I also like the vintage option for the element. Thoughts? https://www.amazon.com/Mechanical-Keyboard-Element-Typewriter-Style-Anti-Ghosting/dp/B07JNQLNNS