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HulkFit Multi-Function Adjustable Power Rack Exercise Squat Stand with J-Hooks, Spotter Arms Dip Bars and Pull Up Bars, 800-Pound Capacity?

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17th Nov 2021

What’s your budget and floor space? Northern Lights makes a couple of racks with integrated functional trainers, Fitness Depot sells their stuff and may have a location near you to try a floor model.

Another option is to reduce your rack down to something like this HulkFit option which would remove the hassle of getting a bar in/out of the rack. Some folks here have accomplished similar by mounting spotter arms onto wall-mounted racks though that is against manufacturer recommendations. Would that give you enough room for a functional trainer to also fit in the room?

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2nd Nov 2020

I am currently looking at getting a half rack for my basement but the problem is that the ceilings are below 7ft (around 84-86 inches)

I was looking at half racks and stumbled on 2 that will fit my place

The Hulkfit half rack that is 81 inches


The Fitness Reality half rack that is 81 inches

After doing some research and reading tons of reviews, it look like neither of these racks would be good for the long run. Both racks seem to have QC issues

Someone mentioned that if you are serious, don’t go for these cheap racks, use the money and save up for a quality rack instead as you’re literally trusting this rack with your life.

I would like to have a pull up bar, not only for pull ups but to attach a pulley system and possibly TRX and rings.

I was planning on getting the Rogue SML-2 and taking the uprights to a local machine shop to chop off 10in from the top but is this really the best way to go about it?

Another option is the SML-1 and attach a pull up bar at the top, the remove it what I need to squat

Hoping to run it by members here to know their thoughts and suggestions. I can’t do a full rack because of space issues


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14th Jul 2020

They have a 1000lb full rack, a 1000lb squat stand, and an 800lb squat stand. You can see both the 800 and 1000lb stands on Amazon right now.


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18th Jun 2020