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HUION Kamvas Pro 20 Drawing Monitor Pen Display 19.5 Inch IPS Graphic Tablets with Screen, Full-Laminated Technology, 8192 Battery-Free Pen?

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6th Dec 2020

Getting your first tablet is an amazing step forward as an artist. I’ve had the Intuos XL for years. However, I find Wacom overpriced in todays market.

You can get a 19.5 inch screen for $600. Going for a 2 in 1 is forcing yourself into technology that doesn’t live up to reality.


The person who suggest an Apple is probably not an actual artist who works many hours a day on these tablets. You use a lot of hotkeys during digital drawing/painting. It is an extensive workflow everyone optimizes in their own way through the years. You’re not going to do that on an Ipad, the heat will slow it down after some work and it will start to lag. It might be useful for doing some quick sketches on your way to work though.

Either you get a second-hand laptop with it, or save up a bit longer. That Ipad is going to burn brighter than chernobyl within 2 years or I’ll eat my shoe.