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HUION KAMVAS Pro 16 Graphics Drawing Tablet with Screen Full-Laminated Tilt Battery-Free Stylus Touch Bar Adjustable Stand, Compatible with Windows and Mac, 15.6inch Pen Display?

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24th Dec 2020

u/Cassiesusl is completely correct in that this is all muscle memory. I spent the majority of my twenties working as a graphic designer on a tablet-screen combo, and found after a few months I had become used to it.

If you’re interested in keeping to something that feels a bit more natural (and have the scratch to purchase it), I can recommend the Huion KAMVAS Pro 16. I purchased mine last year and it’s really started to elevate my personal work.

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23rd Jun 2021

IMO, Wacom is overpriced. They’re good, sure, but tech is sort of plateauing in that area right now, so you can get something just as good for near half the price. Look for Huion, they have one for sale right now for around 320$


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10th Dec 2020

I haven’t used a cintiq or ipad, but this is the one I personally use. It works for what I do but you’d have to look into it more to see if it’s for you.


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13th Nov 2019

Discount coupon is up to $80 … I guess I bought to soon. If it goes down more, I’ll buy/return.