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HUION Kamvas Pro 12 GT-116 Drawing Monitor Pen Display Full-Laminated Graphic Drawing Tablet with Screen, Battery-Free Stylus, 4 Shortcut Keys?

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12th Aug 2021

you should look for any tablet made by Huion or Wacom.

I used a Wacom Cintiq as my main tablet, but “down-graded” to a huion kamvas 22. I also have a $20 tablet by Gaomon that I take on trips. I can produce the same quality of art with all three, so whatever tablet you get is probably going to be fine.

again, if your looking for a tablet actively seek out ones made by Wacom or Huion.

before you buy ANY tablet, make sure to watch reviews of it on youtube.

you may also want to think about what type of computer you have, because some tablets may only work on windows.
here is a list of tablets I think could be good for you. (I haven’t tried most of these though)

kamvas pro 12

kamvas 13

Huion H1060p <– this one was recommended by a very trustworthy friend.

gaomon 10 x 6.25 <– I’m not sure about this one since I’ve never tried it

Wacom Intuos <– I hear this one come up a lot in conversations, and a lot of people recommend it. It seems to have a good name for its quality, and price.

cheap gaomon tablet (I wouldn’t recommend it for your main tablet) <–this is the tablet that was $20 when I bought it. I WOULDNT recommend it, but it’s cheap and works
you can also buy a used tablet as well, and you can get very good deals. when I installed windows 10 on my old pc I had to re-install the drivers for my Wacom, and when I was trying to find the drivers online I came across my same tablet on craigslist for about $200. I can understand why you might want it new though

I wish you the best of luck in finding a tablet, and hope it works out!