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HUION KAMVAS 13 Graphics Drawing Tablet with Full-Laminated Screen Battery-Free Stylus PW517 Tilt 8 Press Keys, 13.3inch Pen Display for Android, Mac and Windows PC, Black?

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29th Nov 2020

If anyone is interested, there is a Cyber Monday sale on a Huion tablet here… or someone could spend $1,199.95 for a supercharged Wacom Cintiq 22

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13th Dec 2020

Maybe this:


Or a older Samsung chromebook with a stylus. You can get them for like $200 now. They’re pretty nice

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13th Oct 2020

Huion Kamvas 13 (2020)


I have a screenless Huion that is really nice, but I’m finding more and more that I like to SEE where my pen is stroking (like on a tablet). I use Illustrator a lot and after lots of research and product reviews, this seems to be the best bang for the buck.

Good luck!