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HUION Inspiroy Q11K Wireless Graphic Drawing Tablet 11 x 6.87 inches Digital Pen Tablet with 8192 Levels of Pressure, Pen Holder and 8 Express Keys, Ideal for Distance Education and Wed Conference?

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Sorry for the unintentional advertisement Huion Q11K (it’s on discount tho but it was like that at the beginning of the year too) and I can confirm it’s really good not saying it’s better than an Apple because I only tried a friend’s iPad Pro once but I really don’t think it matters so much if it does the job right. I draw as hobby so I can also not form a professional opinion about it. It seems unhandy but you get used to looking at the screen while drawing.

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17th Jan 2021

Simple. Start with the “Draw a Box” training program. Art is a skill that can be learned:

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Buy a beginner’s tablet. They are ludicrously good these days. Make sure to check the box for the coupon code:

When I started doing digital art in the late 90’s, tablets were small, the resolution was mediocre, the cord meant you had to stay near your computer, and they were like $500 a pop. Now you can spend under a hundred bucks to get a giant 8,000-pressure-level wireless magic drawing pad. It’s crazy!

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11th Mar 2021

Not sure there is anything with all your requirements, certainly not for $200. There aren’t really a lot of stand-alone graphics tablets, usually you need to connect to a computer. You can also consider an iPad with the Apple Pencil, but those are way more than $200. If you want to go cheap (and I would recommend not spending a ton of money), get a graphics tablet without a screen and use it on your computer. This is the one I’m using and I’ve been happy with it.