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Huion Inspiroy H640P Graphics Drawing Tablet Digital Pen Tablet Battery-Free Stylus with 8192 Levels and 6 Express Keys for PC and Mac?

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22nd Sep 2021

I’ve been using this Huion tablet for 3-ish years, and it’s a really good starting tablet! For like $40 you get a nice tablet and some bonus stuff, with a major plus being the wireless battery free pen. Just don’t buy tablets that get any cheaper than that, they’ll either be uncomfortably tiny or break down quickly.

The software I use is Clip Studio Paint EX. It’s even better than Photoshop as an art program (you can even use it to animate!), and it’ll be cheaper than Photoshop in the long run. CSP EX is $200+ however, but I got my copy for about $100 from a holiday sale, and the highest discount I’ve seen is 60% off. High price tag aside, CSP is absolutely worth it.

If you don’t wanna shell out that amount of money tho, I started off using Medibang Paint Pro, a free program that’s admittedly lacking and clunky but it gets the job done.

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6th Oct 2021

I actually have a lot to say here, so I hope that’s cool. I’m not a pro or anything, just a dude who draws sometimes.

To start off, yes you should absolutely get a drawing tablet. You can draw with a mouse, but it’ll be pain. I use this tablet right here, and have been for about three years. If you’re willing to drop the money for it though, a screen tablet such as a Cintiq is more comfortable to use and better in the long run.

Speaking of dropping money, let’s talk programs. My program of choice is Clip Studio Paint EX, a top of the line drawing software. CSP EX is $200+, but that’s less money than Photoshop (PS is $21 a month for the rest of your life) and CSP gets discounted between 50-60% off around holidays (I got my copy for about $100 on a black friday sale).

There’s always free art programs like Medibang and Krita, but they’re all quite limited and clunky. You can start with these to get a feel for digital drawing, but I highly recommend moving to CSP when you can.

When it comes to actual drawing advice, that’s kind of hard to answer without getting more specific. I guess the number one advice for digital art is that layers are your best friend. Use as many as you need. Layers help you organize your drawings and allow you to easily render. I use Multiply layers set to 40-70% transparency for shadows while using Screen layers set to 70-100% for highlights.

If you wanna design Fakemon, you should of course study the canon Pokemon designs. Take notes on how your favorite Pokemon are designed, and don’t be afraid to color pick from a canon design for your Fakemon.

I should also note that character design in general is a process. I sometimes get a design exactly right after just one sketch, but I usually have to make dozens of sketches to figure out the right silhouette, proportions, and details, sometimes even stepping back and changing the concept if I’m not satisfied with any of my sketches.

Uh, I don’t know how to finish this comment. I can ramble some more, if you have any specific questions.

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12th Sep 2020


I have been using this one for about a year. I am still a beginner but it works well. I plan to keep it for travel when I upgrade to the 16.