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HUION Inspiroy H430P OSU Graphic Tablets Student Drawing Tablet with Glove and 4 Express Keys, Battery-Free Stylus, Compatible with Mac, PC or Android Mobile?

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3rd Feb 2018

You will have to get used to a new tablet anyways so why not getting used to a new area too? Xp pen has just released a new tablet which seems pretty good except for that driver bug atm. Huion has released a new one too, not much info on that wouldn’t buy. There is also this Gaomon S56K which is advertised for osu too like the XP Pen but it has a Batterypen/Rechargablepen and no forced proportions which would make it not a good choice. You are probably better off either buying a ctl-472, a second hand ctl/cth-480 or this new XP Pen G640.