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HUION Inspiroy Dial Q620M Wireless Graphics Drawing Tablet Android Support with Dial Controller Battery-Free Stylus Tilt 8 Express Keys, 10.5×6.5inch?

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4th Feb 2022

You’re looking to by a Wacom Intuos Pro tablet? If so there are cheaper alternatives that are just as capable.

Also dont buy from Wacom directly. If you really want an Intous Pro tablet, you can buy it from amazon and they have a 5 monthly payment option. Dealing with Amazon is always better than dealing with Wacom or some third payment processing service.

BUT lets talk about cheaper alternatives… The intuos pro Medium is $300 on amazon. That’s a nice tablet but… you can get aInspiroy Dial Q620M for $100 and it’s just as capable and has similar features. There are also perfectly good tablets from Huion that are in the $70-$80 range.

There is also XENCELABS’s excellent tablet for $279 on amazon. It’s a bit of a higher end quality device but really all of these tablets do bascially the same thing. You want pressure sensitivity, a medium to large sized tablet with a battery free pen that has tilt support. If you want wireless, those options are available such as the Inspiroy Dial Q620M.

Don’t spend $300-$400 on a tablet just because it’s Wacom. Plenty of people are using Huion and other tablets such as Xp-Pen etc. They cost less, and do essentially the same thing.

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23rd May 2021

Last year I purchased this for $110

Huion Inspiroy Dial Q620M Wireless Garphics Drawing Tablet

to do photo editing. It was very fiddly to get working. It may do what you want while walking around the class. I think you would need some patience at the beginning to get it working. It would also take a bit of practice to be proficient, practice to include charging and connecting. It is highly rated on Amazon. I will mention again to get well ahead of your need and get it working within the return window.

But if you are walking around the class to give personal individual attention, a clipboard with paper and your notes that you could physically give to the student would be more meaningful and permanent.

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21st Apr 2021

You’re welcome! There’s an initial rite of passage to get a machine, get it all setup, figure out how things are put together, etc., but once it clicks, it’s like tying your shoes! Then from there, you can build on it! My workflow usually goes like this:

  1. I start out with a sketch, either on paper or on my iPad & digital pencil. If you prefer drawing on your laptop or PC, good-sized wireless tablets go for like $99 these days.
  2. I turn that sketched concept into a drawing. Typically on my iPad with something like Affinity Designer, but sometimes on my computer depending on if it’s something I’d prefer working on with a mouse & keyboard.
  3. Setup your project by figuring out what sequence of steps you need to do, what materials you need, and then get to working having fun making stuff!

Some people spend all their lives using pre-made SVG’s, which is 100% totally fine, but you’re literally 20 hours away from mastering the pen tool & all of its cousins (tracing, layering, etc.), which is like an hour a day for a few weeks, and it’s like owning a genie in a lamp…you then have the power to make ANYTHING you want!

Note that learning the pen tool is different from being an artist, so if you have low confidence in your artistic abilities or no skills at all, no worries! You an also start out super-easy by working directly in Silhouette Studio: (highly recommend buying the Business version, it’s sold at a discount at Swing Design FYI!)

Learning how to use software different tools enables you to create a lot of awesome stuff & save a lot of money over pre-made stuff! Let’s say you want to make some tumblers with custom names with a cool glitter effect & some bling on them. You can sketch out your idea, draw it up in the software, then cut it out & apply it! Easy as that! This will seem a little overwhelming right now because it’s all new, but the heart & soul is your design (sketch) that comes to life through your magic cutting machine: (Cameo)

  1. Buy some cheap tumblers (note: you can usually find a 10% off coupon code)
  2. Learn how to make an inexpensive tumbler holding stand
  3. Learn how to use offset text to make a multi-color tumbler using heat-transfer (HTV) vinyl (this is done in Cricut Design Space, which is similar to the Silhouette Studio software)
  4. Learn how to use the parchment paper trick to accurately line up your design (see hack #6 in the video)
  5. Learn how to make your design dishwasher-safe without having to use epoxy
  6. Learn how to make a glitter-sparkle design with rhinestones on the tumbler

Stuff like layers are really easy to understand, it’s literally just like those old overheard transparencies but as digital software layers, so you can cut out different colors in larger sizes on your machine. Poof out the text & make it fat over two or three layers, cut out an HTV Anything layer (this is like a waterproof cover), use the rhinestone brush & the flock material to bedazzle it, and voila! That may sound a little advanced, but it really boils down to the same basic idea:

  1. Sketch out a design
  2. Draw it up
  3. Cut it out & apply it (using the appropriate tools & supplies for the job)

You can make stickers, car decals, masks, hats, mugs, plates, all kinds of crazy stuff with this thing! That’s why I recommend that whole “small bites daily” approach. There’s a lot of fun materials & sequences to learn out there, and none of them are really very hard if you wake it slow but steady. In a year of this type of approach, you’ll have 50+ projects under your belt!

Otherwise it’s kind of easy to get overwhelmed & never even open the box, or else stall out on being consistent at learning new stuff (techniques, software tricks, etc.) & just kind of dabble at it instead of getting really good (but in a really easy way!) at it. I got hooked because of how CRAZY EASY it is – even if all you do is just download SVG’s, there’s a lifetime’s worth of projects out there, and it cuts it as if by magic!!