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HP Wired USB Keyboard K1500 (Black)?

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10th Mar 2017

Something I was just reflecting on.

Keyboards have still improved in price/product value as long as I can tell. Rubber domes might be crap to type on, but they’re practically pennies. You can get one for $9 on amazon, maybe cheaper ( https://www.amazon.com/HP-H3C52AA-ABA-K1500-Keyboard/dp/B00E4TOWR0/ref=lp_12879431_1_18?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1489130615&sr=1-18 ).

Meanwhile, one of the most recent keyboards before manufacturers switched to rubber domes was the Apple Extended Keyboard in 1987, which had a MSRP of $163 according to wikipedia. That is the equivalent of ~$350 in today’s dollars. This is so expensive that I argue in quality per dollar, we have still improved.

Of course, if you consider that you can get full sized cherry mx mechs for $80 to $100 then that’s also an improvement in price. But I’m just considering the bulk consumer market, not the semi-niche market of mechanical keyboards.

Now in terms of quality of the most common keyboards sold, that quality has definitely decreased since mechanical keyboards were replaced with rubber domes. This is relatively unique for consumer electronic products from my perspective.

Meanwhile, Mice are much more typical for electronics. Mice have both decreased in price and increased in quality.

Optical mice have since replaced trackball mice, and they’re are both significantly cheaper and nicer to use. Granted, I’m not sure the $5 optical mice have really improved in the last 10 years, but they’re very usable for productivity work.

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24th Jun 2018

Whelp. Its almost a full month later.

I really don’t get it. Its a keyboard same as every other keyboard I’ve ever used. I suppose Tenkeyless is kinda nice because it gives me more mouse room. Outside of that, the $20 keyboard I had before this also had lights which made it easier to see the keys at night. I suppose that has nothing to do with mechanical keyboards though… but I really could take it or leave it. I don’t understand how this is any better. I still push the button and the command executes just the same. /shrug


This is the keyboard I use at work and it legit gives me the exact same experience. When this one eventually gets ruined I’ll probably go back to something like that because of the price. Whelp… I tried.

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14th May 2017

Anything that’s USB should work. Assuming you’re in the US, this should work fine, or just go to Walmart and grab whatever’s cheapest.