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HP K2500 Wireless Keyboard US – E5E77AA#ABA, Black?

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9th Sep 2015

Monitor – you hook it up to your TV. Should we include the cost of a TV to a console now? Lets add $1,000 for a TV to the price of an Xbox. Just because.

Windows – can be bought online for 20-30 dollars on reddit itself. Keys last forever too, and can upgrade to Windows 10 and get Direct X 12. Huge performance boost.


5.99 for wired at time of writing

14 bucks for wireless

Mouse: $.59 wireless ( at time of writing).

That comes to: 498.01 if you buy the most expensive windows key, use only wireless, and use the 270 instead of the cheaper 750TI that runs the same as the consoles themselves.

Also, did I mention the 270 version can run at 1440p? I could also mention you picked the worst time as there are huge sales going on for both Amazon and Newegg.

That’s not even getting into the legendary steam sales meaning you save money long after initial investment.