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HORI EDGE 201 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (EGU-201)?

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29th Nov 2020

Anyone have experience with the Hori Edge 201? I just found out that Hori (known for killer arcade sticks) tried their hand at PC gaming but I guess it didn’t sell well since there’s not much info online (at least in English). Also that it was $160 at launch, but right now it’s only $30.

From what I can tell there’s only blue backlighting, the keys are low-profile, and that Hori made their own switches (similar to cherry black). Seems like a good intro linear keyboard.

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4th Apr 2016

It’s this keyboard: http://www.amazon.com/HORI-Mechanical-Gaming-Keyboard-EGU-201/dp/B00ZXAXR0M?ie=UTF8&psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00

I’ve had it for just over 2 weeks. I chose it because I used to own Hori products way back when. They were very high-quality and I’m absolutely not disappointed in the quality of it. It feels and looks expensive (which it is a bit overpriced even though I got it at $139.00) than any keyboard I’ve ever seen. I feel like it’s worth around $100.00. I didn’t see any english reviews on it so I decided to give it a shot due to the brand name.

The activation of the switches are ridiculously low, so it’s amazing for gaming. I went from Saitek > G710+ > JiZZ > Hori Edge. So far the Edge has my vote for best keyboard overall. I had a problem with it for my first week because of the ridiculously low activations. I would mistype and feel like I didn’t press a key all the time. I slowly got used to it over the past couple weeks and now I type faster and more accurate than before (I still make a few mistakes now and then), but if you’re coming from a regular mechanical keyboard then the transition might be harsh for you for a long time. If I didn’t transition from G710+ to the pseudo-mechanical JiZZ keyboard before getting the Edge, I would probably go insane trying to type a sentence.

Two major downsides:

The software is bad. Like, horrible. I don’t even use it anymore.
Some of the LEDs (every key has an individual light) flicker. It doesn’t completely turn off, but imagine a fire flickering. It’s difficult to notice, but I have a keen eye for it and if you really look for it you’ll see it. Not particularly bad since I barely look down at the keyboard when doing anything.