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HOO Dual Motor Electric Standing Desk, 42×24 Stand Up Desk with Smart Handset Control, 3-Stage Adjustable Height Sit to Stand Desk Workstation for Home Office, Quick Assembly Ergonomic Desk (Oak)?

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7th Jan 2021

I bought one several months ago from Hoo that costs under $450 and it worked much more than I expected! For furniture, I cared about the after-sale service, but I have seen several complaints about the customer service of Autonomous and Flexispot even though I liked their products. Hoo attracted me because of its no-drill and easy assembly, I liked furniture like IKEA that easy to assemble because I am really not good at it. It took me only 5 minutes or less to assemble the desk, the desk is stable with strong capacity, it’s quiet and no wobble when lifting. Plus, it has three ways of sedentary reminder and a safety lock that is super friendly if you have a baby or kids.

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5th Jan 2021

I highly recommend the standing desk because it’s far more useful than I expected! My work requires a long time sitting and I usually sit at least eight hours a day. After the long hrs sitting, I felt my neck and back pain and I think it can be caused by two main reasons. First, the height of my laptop is too low to look at even though I have lowered the height of my chair, so I put a holder under my laptop to increase the height to solve the problem and relieve my neck pain. Second, I developed the bad habit of sedentary, it’s not because I like sitting but I always forget to stand.

I just bought a standing desk from "Hoo" due to I’m working from home during the COVID-19 and I really want to improve my home office environment. Here are the characteristics that I loved with:

-Easy assembly

-Stability & Strong Weight Capacity

-Height Memory Preset

-Sedentary reminder


It definitely worth finding a good standing desk as you are a programmer to benefit your productivity and long-term wellness.