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Honeywell HWM-705B HWM705B Filter Free Warm Moisture Humidifier, Black?

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28th Jan 2021


I have this humidifier and it will turn on and off with the inkbird I have, so I just need to set it and forget it, type thing. It doesn’t need to be refilled for a typical 44hr growing period, and I use the noma half bun sheet tray rack. I would look for humidifiers with a manual turn knob, same goes with space heaters(or whatever you need for heat).

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19th Dec 2016

I have several, they all work and seem to last, but the ultrasonic and the warm air type are my preferred type.

I found one of these by the side of the road a few years ago. As the water boils off deposits accumulate in the bottom and you need to clean it periodically depending on your homes water source, but otherwise they seem to last. I find this size will just barely last one high in a large bedroom without central hvac, and raise the humidity to a good level. They’re pretty quiet since they don’t have a fan, and I find the noise soothing.

If you have central heating, you need something larger than these desktop sized humidifiers, because you end up humidifying the whole house instead of just one zone. Central air seems to up the requirement for a large bedroom in a dry house by about 2.5x. You can either get a couple of smaller humidifiers, or you can get one large house humidifier and run it all day long near your systems air return, since most people find them unpleasant to run in a bedroom. If you get the large humidifier, you need to run a cup of bleach or vinegar through it a couple times a month or the water will start to smell. In my house we can easily run through 30 gallons in a day if the house gets dry enough, and its not that big of a house.