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Honeywell HUL535B Filter-Free Cool Mist Humidifier, Black – Cool Mist Humidifier for Bedroom, Home or Office?

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23rd Oct 2021

Know this is an older post but I use the humidifier in the link below connected to a smart plug from “Kasa”. Think i got it from Amazon. But it has an app that you can set schedules and shit. Use one for my humidifier and/or dehumidifier as well as my grow light. I’m looking at getting the ink bird WiFi humidity controller tho to connect my humidifier and dehumidifier to so I can have them turn on and off based on humidity level.


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29th Nov 2019

Just a heads up, in the winter time, humidity goes down, not up. Cold outdoor air holds less moisture. The air in your home is going to be much drier as a result of this. This is probably why it might seem like your dehumidifier is not working – it’s not producing any water because there’s not enough water to pull from the air. Typically, you’d want to run a humidifier in the winter time, or just put a pan of water on your radiator if you don’t want to spend money on a humidifier.

With solid body guitars, there’s really no need to worry about humidity falling in the winter. Electric guitars are made of chunky pieces of extremely strong hardwoods that can tolerate substantial temperature and humidity swings. For proof of this, just look at how many vintage guitars spent upwards of a decade locked up in a barn or an attic and play just as well as they did when they were first purchased, after a string change and a quick setup.

The only thing I’d advise against is leaving your guitar near a radiator. While the heat won’t damage the wood, months of repeated exposure to increased temperature may weaken glue, binding, and/or the finish, which may (but probably won’t) lead to damage.

At most, you might find that your guitar may need a slight truss rod adjustment (which will probably lead to intonation adjustments, as well) and that the time it takes to go out of tune might change.

For acoustics, hollow bodies, and semi hollow bodies that are made of thin laminates (most of the more affordable electric hollow/semi hollow body guitars are made of fairly chunky laminates that are more robust), humidity and temperature can be a concern. Guitars of this kind that are made of solid wood can be more sensitive to temperature and humidity changes… In particular, thin soldiwood components (i.e. tops, sides, and backs) are more prone to cracking when they are very dry, abrupt temperature changes lead to material expansion/contraction and this leads to cracking. Simultaneous dryness and temp changes greatly increases the risk of cracking. So its generally recommended to maintain temps of 20-25ish degrees C and humidity of 50-60% around fancy acoustic guitars. I’ve personally used this humidifier for the past three or four years on the medium-high setting in the winter.

TL;DR – You really don’t need to worry about most electric guitars in the winter time. For acoustics, just try to keep the room you store it in comfortably warm at all times and run a small or medium sized humidifier. If you have a more expensive jazz-oriented hollow or semi hollow electric guitar, you may want to do the same. Otherwise, check your neck relief about a month into the winter season and make sure your guitar still plays well. If not, a few quick adjustments will fix your problems.

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9th Jan 2020

for those asking specifics on the humidifier i’m using, amazon link below. on the highest setting (which you are seeing in the video) i need to refill the tank daily, every 2 days on a lower setting.

some have voiced concern about the potential for mold growth but i live in a VERY dry apartment. as a plant dad (and a dad to a new little human!!!!) i have way too much time and money invested to let these guys shrivel up due to a super dry winter indoors.


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31st Dec 2017

We’ve gotten away with just using non-prescription Hydrocortisone cream and food-grade coconut oil on both our kids’ dry skin when they were infants. Neither have had eczema though.

Have you tried a cool-mist humidifier? We bought this one, and it’s been good for us in the winter.

I’ve been going to 12 Corners Pediatrics on S Clinton (near McQuaid) since I was born. Now my 2 kids go there. They’ve always been great. We love our pediatrician (Frelinger) and she loves the kids, she’s always held them during their visits. We’ve met a few of the other Dr.s too during walk-in hours. All have been great.

Regarding the formula/milk – possibly look into getting donated breastmilk. He may react better to it.